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Show Reel

About 60% of the projects in this reel were collaborative efforts. My responsibilities included animation, design, look and concept development, 3D design, production, consultation, technical development, tracking, rotoscoping, compositing, audio design, and 3D character design and rigging. The remainder of the projects shown here I was solely responsible for, from[…]

The Legacy Brace

A broadcast commercial for the Legacy brace from Classic Equine. I had a lot of fun creating this one! Thanks again to Bryan Barger for a great concept to work from.

Classic Rope

A branding commercial for Classic Rope. I really enjoyed creating this one! Special thanks to Bryan Barger who gave great direction as usual.

Breakfast News

A broadcast commercial for a local Tennessee publication’s mobile news app. This was a collaborative project with Elastic Pictures in Knoxville, TN. My responsibilities included animation, compositing, tracking and finishing on this one.


A fully animated video about the benefits of investing in land clean up. Makes sense to me! This was another collaborative effort with the team at Elastic Pictures, Knoxville, TN. Special thanks to Kate Moore Creative for some great design work.

3D Modeling Reel

This video is a collection of 3D models that were built in Maxon’s Cinema 4D. There are a lot of weapons featured here because most of these models were created for two shows. One called Wild West Alaska, seen on Animal Planet and one called Bullet Points seen on the[…]

Roto and Paint Reel

This is a collection of rotoscoping and paint projects I have been involved in. This reel was also created some time ago so stay tuned for an updated reel.


A broadcast spot for the Bristol Motor Speedway. My responsibilities included the lightening effects, compositing, tracking, rotoscoping and paint.

Invisible Car

A broadcast commercial for Momentum Car Dealers. This was a collaboration with Elastic Pictures and the Tombras Group. My responsibilities on this one were compositing, rotoscoping and paint.

Cell Animation

This one is a throwback to my art school days. A small reel of some cell animation I really enjoyed creating.